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Tawang – A place of historical attraction with natural picturesque beauty

Tawang hill station is located at 183 km distance away from Bomdila city. Tawang is well known in Asia due to the presence of Asia’s second largest monastery and India’s one of the largest monastery which controls the total 17 Gompas spread across this region. Tawang is rich in the natural beauty and bounties of picturesque landscapes. The golden statue of Lord Buddha of 28 ft high is an impressive historical monument which connects this city to the historical time.

Tawang is the famous mountainous region of Arunachal Pradesh. It is very exhilarating experience to have fun of rafting in the soft snow of Tawang. The spectacular view of river Brahmaputra is truly mind-blowing and awesome. Tawang is a perfect place to adore the nature by its delightful natural beauty which are beautiful as nothing as anything. All natural gifts of natural which comprehensively describe the beauty of nature can be experienced here. Let’s see the various attractions of Tawang.

Various Attractions of Tawang -

i) Urgyelling Monastery – It is known for the birth of sixtieth Dalai Lama, Thangyang Gyatso. Therefore, the sacredness of this place also attracts the tourists towards it. Here you can find the holy books and teachings of Buddhism. Various wooden artifacts can be bought from here. The local market will offer you the greatest piece of arts which will flourish you by their arts and designs.

ii) Sangetsar Lake – The beauty of Sangetsar Lake will fill you with great passion to breathe in serene and tranquil environment. The soothing surroundings of Sangetsar Lake will teach you to live your harmony and wisdom. The beauty of the environment of the Sangetsar Lake will rob your mind and make your heart stolen.

iii) Snow Pigeon – Avi-fauna also called as Snow Pigeon, is very famous place in Tawang to visit. The awe inspiring beauties of Snow Pigeon will please your eyes and produce a framework of bounties of adorns beauty of nature. The mountains are clad with snow are wonderful and enough to make your day sublime.

iv) PTso Lake – Ptso Lake is still the untamed area filled with picturesque beauty of nature. The breathtaking view of serene lake will inculcate prompt feelings of deep love into you. It offers the comprehensible beauty to your eyes and soul.

How to reach Tawang in easy ways

i) By Air – Nearest Airport is Tezpur airport which is connected to various major cities likes Guwahati, etc.

ii) By Rail – The nearest railway station is Tezpur which is 160 km away from the centre of the city of Tawang. The station which connects Tawang to the hub of railway network is Guwahati.

iii) By Road – Various road buses ply to this city. Regular bus services are available from Tezpur to Tawang Hill Station.

Climate at Tawang - In summer 5°C to 22°C and in winter 13°C to 10°C

Best season to visit Tawang – March- Oct

Language spoken at Tawang - Tibetan, Hindi, English