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lonavala khandala

Lonavala - Khandala - a beautiful and legend Gift of Nature

The Lonavala-Khandala is the renowned hill station which draws tourist from all across the world. The exquisite and tranquil environment of Lonavala-Khandala brings enthusiastic feelings into you. The pleasant climate will hold your heart and offers awesome experience which can never be apart from your memories throughout your lives. The place is bestowed with lush green landscapes, ancient caves, serene lakes etc. The Lonavala is located at just 5 km from Khandala.

Places to see in Lonavala-Khandala

1) Bhaja caves – Bhaja Caves are the oldest Buddhist caves made by the Buddhists monks and priests who took shelters in these caves. The paintings craved on the walks of Bhaja caves are related to the wars and warriors. Fine craving of dancing people are the great specimen of the art of prehistoric times.

2) Bedsa caves – Bedsa caves are the ancient evidence of the Buddhists and monks existence. The caves provide spectacular view of the ancient art of the contemporary period. Bedsa caves can be a better means to understand our incredible past.

3) Kune Falls – The kune falls are accompanied by lush green surrounding and serene beauty of falling water. The flowing of water looks very great and thrilling that you will forget everything for a moment. Kune falls provide excellent beauty of nature which can be described by one word “mind-blowing”.

4) Karla caves- Karla caves are the perfect fabulous piece of the art of the Buddhists nuns. Various arts and cultural pictures have been craved on the wall of Karla caves. These caves show the prosperity of the older times when elephants were used to adorn by gems and jewelries.

5) Lohgad Fort – The Lohgad Fort is the great architecture symbol of our ancient time. This fort is still intact and found in good condition despite of harsh weatherly climate. Lohgad Fort was ruled by Chatrapati Shivaji and later on ruled by Maratha Kingdoms. The vast size Gates are awesome to gaze at.

6) Lonavala hill – At Lonavala Hill you can discover exclusive beauty of nature which is adorn with various picturesque beauty and exquisiteness. The tranquil and soothing environment of Lonavala hill will bring peace and stability to your mind.

7) Nagphani (Dukes nose) - The Nagphani is a famous Cliff which is of the shape of Duke’s noise. The Cliff looks like various snakes seems like pointing towards cliff. It is worth to watch the art of Nagphani.

How to reach Lonavala- Khandala in easy ways

i) By Air- Nearest Airport is Pune which is at a distance of 66 km from Lonavala-Khandala hill station.

ii) By Rail- The nearest railway station is Lonavala which is 118 km from Mumbai and 64 km from Pune.

iii) By Road-The Lonavala-Khandala hill station is 104 km away from Mumbai and 64 km from pune via bus roadways.

Climate at lonawala-Khandala In summer 22°C to 36°C In winter 12°C to 24°C

The best season to visit Lonavala- Khandala – Oct- May

Languages spoken at Lonavala-Khandala - Marathi, Hindi, English