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Shillong – a more serene and perfect destination from other Hill Stations

Shillong is known its mesmerizing beauty and picturesque sites of Khasi Hills. Shillong Hill Station is located in the capital city of the state Meghalaya. Shillong hill station is one of the popular hill stations which made its significance place in the heart of the tourists. The unexplored beauty of the Shillong hill station is waiting for you. You can enjoy the amazing views of the hilly terrains and breathtaking beauty of the nature.

Every year large number of tourists attracts towards the beauty of the Shillong. The Shillong is the live example of the courteous and touching intersection with nature. You can blossom your mind by enjoying thrilling views of vast spread mystic mountain peaks and breathtaking views of crystal clear water lakes. You can visit here for one for more reason to gain exceptional blessings of nature. The Shillong is full of places of attractions like Museum, Lakes, Hill views etc.

Let’s explore the places to visit in Shillong-

i) Mawsmai- Mawsmai cave is famous for its art and design. Its originating point is located in the small village of mawsmai. There is a utter darkness lies in the interior of the cave. The walk through the darkness with the help of torch in mawsmai cave offers thrill and excitement. The interior of the mawsmai cave consists of narrow vertical paths. Mawsami cave has spacious halls and lounges.

ii) Mawsynram- Mawsynram cave is known for its own kind. It is located 56 km away from Shillong. In the interior of the Mawsynram cave, the huge vertical rock is formed which resembles somewhat like Shiva Linga. The Shiva Linga is formed naturally inside the Mawsynram cave and took a huge shape of peak. The formation of such peaks is very mysterious from the geographical point of view.

iii) Krem Dam cave – Krem Dam cave similar to Mawsynram cave and is famous for its architectural style. These caves are very ancient and are difficult to estimate the exact time of its formation.

iv) Jaintia hills – Jaintia hills are famous for offering picturesque view of hill side areas. The serene atmosphere will bring you closure to the nature. Jaintia hills are made up of Rocky Mountains. It becomes snow clad at the times of winter.

v) Nokrek and Tura Peak- Nokrek and Tura peak are the famous peaks of Shillong. Seeing these peaks is awesome. Various sightseeing views can be enjoyed down from these peaks.

How to reach Shillong in easy ways-

i) By Air- Nearest airport is Umroi which is connected to Kolkata city only. The major airport is Guwahati which 100 km away from Shillong.

ii) By Rail- Nearest railway station is Guwahati which is 100 km away from Shillong.

iii) By Road- Major neighboring cities which connect via road like Meghalaya etc.

Climate at Shillong- In summer 15°C-36°C & In winter 4°C - 24°C

Best season to visit Shillong – Sept- May.

Languages spoken at Shillong - English, Assamese, Khansi, Hindi