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Panchgani – A hill station of terrains and coastal plains

Panchgani is the spotted tourist’s place where many tourists from the world come for relaxation and comfort. The Panchgani offers the various panoramic views of hilly terrains and woody forests. The beauty of Panchgani has made this place renowned all over the world. The exquisite environment will offer you pleasant and stillness to your mind. A wonderful holiday trip can be spending with your loved ones. The amazing memory of the moments spend over here will become your withhold part of your lives.

Places to see in Panchgani

i) Kamalgad fort- This Kamalgad fort is the fort of kings of the Panchgani. The architectural design of this fort attracts various tourists towards it. It you love trekking then visiting Kamalgad fort will serve your purpose beautifully.

ii) Rajpuri caves – Rajpuri caves serve the ancient picture of the Panchgani. The caves are important from the religions point of view. The temple of Lord Karthikeya is also built nearby of it which is also worth to visit.

iii) Table land – Table Land is enriching with many mountains and plateaus. Various loads of huge rocks of ancient age can be seen here. Table land offers the gardener view of the nature’s beauty and its serene behavior. The wide spread of Laterite Rocks will make your sense daring to fight with any difficulties of life.

iv) Lord Karthikeya temple – The temple is located near Rajpuri caves. It is the famous temple of great religions importance and dedicated to the son of Lord Shiva named karthikeya.

v) Serbaug – Serbaug is a picturesque park which is blessed with unseen beauty of nature. This landscape is beautifully craved by nature and can be visit for its tranquil beautifulness. The beauty of this place will rejuvenate you from the bottom of the heart.

vi) Parsi point – It is worth to visit Parsi point to see the scenic beauty of nature. The cool prevailing breeze will calm your senses and offers bliss moments to enjoy. It is a picnic spot which is blessed with all natured beauties and shrines. You can have never felt experience over here.

How to reach Panchgani in comfortable ways

i) By Air- The nearest Airport is a Pune Domestic Airport which is connected to major cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Indore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Kochi etc.

ii) By Rail –The nearest Railway Station is Pune railway station which is 105 km from the centre of the city. Various trains are connected to Panchgani are Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Lucknow, Mysore etc.

iii) By Road – There are many buses ply directly to Panchgani. The major cities connected to Panchgani by road are Satara (47 km), Pune (102 km), Bordi (380 km), Dhule (423 km), Nashik (310 km) ,Mumbai (250 km), etc.

Climate at Panchgani - In summer 20°C to 37°C & in winter 8°C to 32°C

Best season to visit Panchgani - Sept to May

Languages spoken at Panchgani – Marathi, Hindi, English.