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Pachmarhi – The most verdant Jewel and picturesque Hill Station

Pachmarhi is the most beautiful Hill station which attracts many tourists all over the world. It is located in Satpura ranges and offers the magnificent views of nature. You can enjoy various astonish destinations of Pachmarhi which will rejuvenate you for many years of your life. The great beauty of Pachmarhi is its gentle touch with nature, its culture and traditions. The open beauty of nature is calling you to discover the new meanings of your life.

Places to visit in Pachmarhi

1. Handi Khoh- Handi Khoh is the picturesque tourist spot where two high Hilly terrains give V shape look. This ravine is so called handi Koh after the suicide done by the British officer named Handi by jumping in to this ravine.

2. Jata Shankar Caves – Jata Shankar Caves is the awesome place to visit. It is believed that lord Shiva had hidden himself from the demon Bhasmasur. There is a water flow unknown origin offers excitement to the tourists who visit this place. The beauty of cave is enriched with water flow and offer enchanting view which will serene your hearts and minds.

3. Apsara Vihar (fairy pool) - Apsara Vihar is the picturesque park where an enchanting picnic occasion can be celebrated with your family members. The apsara vihar got a pool which enhances its look and the surroundings.

4. Mahadeo Hill – Mahadev Hill is a great scenic region which offers the panoramic view of down valley. There is a mahadev temple on the Mahadeo Hill which is dedicated to the Lord Shiva. The shrine of Lord Shiva is hidden therefore receives great interest of the tourists who visit this place.

5. Bee-falls (Jamuna prapat) - Bee falls is the clean waterfall which flows down from the valley. Tourists come here to enjoy the spectacular view of natural beauty. It offers a great panoramic view of falling water. The bee fall is at a distance of 10km from apsara vihar also known as fairy pool.

6. Pandava Caves- Pandava Caves are famous for its historical and Hindu mythological event. It is believed that pandavas took shelter in these caves therefore it derived its name Pandava Caves. During exile pandavas spent their most of their exile time here.

7. Tridhara (Piccadilly Circus) - Tridhara got its name by the confluence of two river streams. It offers picturesque beauty of nature. The serene environment of Tridhara tourist spot will flourish your mind and rejuvenate your soul.

How to reach Pachmarhi in easy ways-

i) By Air- Nearest Airport is Bhopal which is 195km away from Pachmarhi which connects various major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Gwalior, Sharjah, Dubai etc.

ii) By Rail- Nearest railway station is Pipariya which is 47km away from Pachmarhi.

iii) By Road – The various road routes to major cities are Bhopal 200km, Jabalpur 240km, Pipariya 52km, and Chhindwara 135km.

Climate at Pachmarhi – In summer 24°C to 37°C and in winter 9°C to 28°C

Best season to visit Pachmarhi – Oct-March

Languages spoken at Pachmarhi – Hindi