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Ooty- the majestic land of exquisite Nature

Ooty is known for its thrilling attractions and majestic views of the nature. Ooty is famous as a most favorite tourists place across the world. It is also known as Udhagamandalam. It satisfies you desire of visiting the most scenic place where nature abode can be feeling. Ooty is a common place where you can enjoy the stunning architecture of the ancient wisdom with the tranquil natural of environment.

Ooty offers the picturesque beauty of slope hill areas covered with top tall trees and vegetations. It is amidst of tranquil lakes and various tea gardens. Ooty will rejuvenate your mind and make your heart serene. A pleasant weather can be enjoyed while you sprawl on the green and soft grasslands.

Let’s explore the hidden the erasure of Ooty-

1) Lush Green picturesque beauty of Ooty- Ooty is vast covered by forest and lakes therefore, sometimes it may consider as the original home of the nature. The exhilarating journey across the mind blowing landscapes and tea garden will never let you forget the sweet memories developed here.

2) Ooty Botanical Garden – It is a floral botanical garden maintained by horticulture Department of government of Tamil Nadu. The beauty of this garden will relax your mind. You can enjoy various kinds of roses; Eucalypts trees, orchids and ferns etc.

3) Ooty Lake – It is an artificial lake which is flowing from the mountain streams down the valley. You can enjoy the park and boating with your children near by it.

4) Madhumalai wildlife sanctuary – It is the most sightseeing place for the tourists. Eye catching views of swampy grasslands, valley and the various wild animals roaming there like tiger, deer, hyena, leopard, elephants etc. can be enjoyed.

5) Rose Garden – It you have a keen desire to see the charm of various kind of roses then rose garden will trench your desire. This garden is the perfect place to see all the varieties of roses at one place. Various roses of unusual colors like green, black etc. can be seen here.

6) Nilgiri Mountain Railway Ooty – This is the railway track at the foot hills of Nilgiri Mountains from the Ooty railway station to Mettupalayam railway station. It is locomotive train run with the speed of 10.4 km/hr. You can enjoy the beauty of nature in this vintage train. You will take pleasure in the journey of this train and the in viewing the scenic beauty of nature.

How to reach Ooty

1. By Air- Ooty is 98 km away from the nearest airports named Coimbatore Airport. This airport is connected to various airports of major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Mumbai, Delhi etc.

2. By Rail – The nearest railway station is Udhagamandalam railway station. Another nearest railway station is Mettupalayam which is 52 km from Ooty.

3. By Road- It connects various big cities like Chennai, Mysore, Coimbatore, Bangalore etc. The route from Ooty to Mettupalayam is not very good but offers the most scenic beauty of nature what attracts many tourists towards it.

Climate of Ooty – In summer 12°C-29°C & in winter 5°C to 24°C