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Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills near Bangalore – Explore the peace in your heart

Nandi Hills is well known Hill Station for enjoying a quiet break or honeymoon. The Nandi Hills have got various attractions of the beauty of the majesty hill sides. Nandi Hill is just 60 km away from Bangalore city. It is flocked by many tourists every year due to its serene and pleasant climate throughout the year. The breathtaking views of sloppy Nandi Hills and the picturesque beauty of meadows across the hill will make your heart stolen.

The Nandi Hills are very distinct because of the sky touching heights and beauty of flora fauna. These are well dwelled with various temples also. Various temples are located on the peak of Nandi Hills as well as on the foothills of it. The Nandi Hills has got its name from the antique statue of Nandi, the bull of Lord Shiva. Let’s explore the various attractions of Nandi Hills.

Various Attractions of Nandi Hills

i) Yoga Nandishvara temple - Yoga Nandishvara temple is one of the ancient temple of India. It is famous for its artistic work of stone and metal. Yoga Nandishvara temple has its glory across the world due to its Dravidian style of architecture. Thus temple is famous due to the presiding of deities Bhoya Nandishwara and Yoga Nandishvara.

ii) Tipu’s Drop Tipu’s drop is an ancient high cliff which was used during tipu sultan’s reign for punishing the offenders or condemned prisoners to death. Tipu’s Drop is 600 meter high cliffs where the offender was put to death over here. You can capture the various site of this cliff in your camera.

iii) Amruth Sarovar- Amruth sarovar is famous for its serene and scenic beauty. This lake offers exceptional views of perennial lake, swampy grasslands, and large no. of trees across the lake. This lake is blessed with clear water from the Arkavathi River throughout the year.

iv) Bull Temple- Bull temple as its name describes its nature and values. Bull temple is famous for the huge statue of bull Nandi. The statue is 4.57m high and 6.10m long. Visiting bull temple is a hidden craze in every tourists mind.

v) Bheemeshwari Wildlife sanctuary The Bheemeshwari wildlife sanctuary is the most favorite tourist spot across India. You can rejuvenate yourself by the sightseeing views of the natural beauty at the sanctuary. It is the perfect place for spending unforgettable memories and stay amidst nature.

vi) Muddenahalli- There once an architect name Sir M. Visvesvarya who used to live at Muddenahalli. He was called as an architect of modern Karnataka. The home of Sir M. Visvesvarya is now turned into a museum for the tourists called Muddenhalli. It is located 21 km away from Nandi Hills. Muddenahalli was also used to be a summer resort of Tipu Sultan during his reign.

How to Reach Nandi Hills

i) By Air- Nearest Airport is Bangalore International Airport which is 58 km away from Nandi Hills.

ii) By Train- Nearest railway station Chikkaballapur which is 9 km away from Nandi Hills.

iii) By Road- Nandi Hill is well connected to cities like Nandigrama, Chikkaballapur, and Bangalore etc via road networks.

Climate at Nandi Hills- In summer 23°C- 40°C & in winter 10°C- 32°C

Best season to visit Nandi Hills - Throughout the year

Languages spoken at Nandi Hills - Kannada, English