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Mirik- An exquisite hill station of marvelous beauty

Mirik is a small town of West Bengal surrounded by hills. Mirik is well known for the most favorite hill station of the tourists. Visiting Mirik is very pleasing and awe-inspiring to our mind. If you want to feel the tranquility of the nature, then the trip to Mirik is worth and meaningful. Mirik hill station does not require any solitary trip plan. It can be covered with the tour of Darjeeling in the same trip.

Mirik is covered with sightseeing beauty of nature. The Sumender Lake is beautiful one by the virtue of its serenest and the awe-inspiring plantation across its banks. Mirik is located 49 km away from Darjeeling. Visiting Mirik will offer you a pleasant break from your hard scheduled life. Mirik is famous among many tourists because of its rich bounties of natural beauty and rituals values by the presence of various religious monasteries. Let’s find out the various attractions of Mirik hill station.

The Various Places to visit at Mirik -

i) Devisthan, Mirik- Devisthan as it name reveals that it is a holy temple of Hindus. This temple is of Singha Devi and Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman and Goddess Kali. Due to its spiritual importance many pilgrims from the far places visit this temple every year with full of enthusiasm.

ii) Sumendu lake, Mirik – Sumendu Lake has its various attractions which draws many tourists towards it. This lake is encircled by various vegetation and plantations. There are lush green gardens all around it. The bridge of arch shape called Indreni Pul is mounting over this lake. You can enjoy boating, rafting etc. other adventurous activities at this lake.

iii) Rameetay Dara Mirik –Rameetay Dara is famous for its sunrise and sunset view. At Kawlay Dara view point you can enjoy watching the awesome sunrise and sunset view and sightseeing beauty of Himalayan ranges.

iv) Jalpaiguri- Jalpaiguri is a town in the state of West Bengal and is famous for overwhelming and picturesque view of hills and rivers. Jalpaiguri derived its name from the word Jalpai means olive and guri means land. Jalpaiguri has notable wild life sanctuary attractions to see them.

v) Places nearest to Mirik-Darjeeling and Gangtok- It you are going to the tour of Darjeeling or Gangtok then, don’t miss to visit the Mirik Hill Station. Mirik lies very near to Darjeeling and Gangtok. Generally the tour to Darjeeling or Gangtok covers the tour of Mirik hill station also.

How to Reach Mirik in comfortable ways


i) By Air – Nearest Airport to Mirik is Bagdogra near Siliguri.

ii) By Rail- Nearest railway station to Mirik is Siliguri and Guwahati.

iii) By Road – A good road network with many cities like Siliguri and Guwahati etc.

The Climate at Mirik- In summer 10°C to 20°C & in winter -2°C to 17°C

Best season to visit Mirik - September-May

Languages spoken at Mirik - Bengali, Hindi, English