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Chikaldhara- A hill station close to the ancient times

Chikaldhara is the most favorite destination of the tourists. It is located in Maharashtra in Amravati region. Chikaldhara is very ancient place and can be found in the glimpses of the history of Hindu mythology. In Chikaldhara Bhima used to stay here and once upon killed the demon keechaka. The wide spread beauty of Chikaldhara attracts tourist to visit this place.

There are various heritage and picturesque sites at Chikaldhara. These various heritage and picturesque sites can be seen and adored. Here are some attractions of Chikaldhara which are most important from the tourist point of view.

Place to visit Chikaldhara-

  1. Bhim Kund - Bhim Kund is also known as a pilgrimage site as it is related to Hindu mythological event happened in the history. Bhima killed the demon Kichaka and afterwards took bath in the nearby lake which later called as Bhim Kund. This lake is very deep and has great Hindu mythological importance.

  2. Chikaldhara Museum – Chikaldhara museum is worth to visit as it is based on Tiger Reserve. Various archeological things can be seen over here. Chikaldhara museum has various collections of the ancient period. It offers you the great views and signs of the heritage time of the Mughal as well British rulers who have established their reign at that time.

  1. Hurrican point and Devi point - It is the top point of Chikaldhara where various picturesque views of Mozari village, Vairat terrains and Gawaligad fort can be seen.

  2. Narnala fort - Narnala fort is the famous fort of the ancient times. This fort is located on Satpuda hill in Melaghat. It offers the contemporary and historical signs of the kingdom who ruled at this fort.

  3. Panchbol point – Panchbol Point is famous because here echo is produced 5 times of the voice. That why this area is called as panchbol point. It lies nearby to the Bir Lake.

How to reach Chikaldhara in easy ways -

    • By Air - The nearest airport is Akola which is 150km away from Chikaldhara.

    • By Rail - The nearest railway station is Badnera which is 110 km away from Chikaldhara.

    • By Road – Chikaldhara has got good road connectivity to major cities like Nagpur (231km), Akola (129km), Amravati (85km) etc.

Climate at Chikaldhara – In summer 35° to 43°C & in winter 15°C to 22°C

Best season to visit Chikaldhara – July - Sept and Oct-feb.

Languages spoken at Chikaldhara - Marathi, Hindi, English